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Power Control Plus 2.6

ScreenShot of Power Control Plus 2.6 by Sirius Applications Ltd. ** FEATURED ON LIFEHACKER, TESTED ** Power Control Plus is a widget that lets you turn on / off almost any setting on your phone, right from your home screen. Every aspect of Power Control Plus widgets are customizable, including color, size, behavior and more. Features: - 100% compatible with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) devices! - 7 different widget sizes, including vertical widgets - 9 different indicator light colors - Over 30 settings available to toggle (list below) - Power Control Plus doesn't run in the background, to save battery life - Edit your widget right from the home screen - Change background transparency - Add labels to buttons on the widget - Add a shortcut to any app on the widget Full list of settings you can change / toggle: - Wi-Fi - Airplane...
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Alabama Smith 1.5

ScreenShot of Alabama Smith 1.5 by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. Alabama Smith is young, dashing and intelligent. He's also a brilliant student of archeology, so when his professor needs to find an artifact that allows a person to travel through time, he turns to our whip-smart hero for help. Join Alabama and the professor's daughter, Anastasia, as they travel to modern Pompeii on a mind-bending seek-and-find quest! At first, you'll help Alabama search for the relic, and then you'll step into the role of Anastasia as she races to save her friend from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Jump back and forth between the past and the present to solve elaborate puzzles and prepare for shocking twists and turns in this story of double-crosses and intrigue. Photorealistic visuals and atmospheric audio make this already captivating adventure all the more compelling...
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iBattery Pro - Battery status and maintenance 2.1.2

ScreenShot of iBattery Pro - Battery status and maintenance 2.1.2 by Helmut Schottmueller ► 1% display accuracy, ► Maintenance feature to increase/maintain battery life, ► Charge Alert, ► Lots of tips and tricks to increase battery life Highlights: ► The most reliable battery app: remaining battery life for all iOS devices including iPhone 4 (AT&T and Verizon) ► Displays the charge level of your battery in percent (1% display accuracy) ► Great Maintenance feature to increase the life of your battery ► Displays remaining charge time and gives an alert, when the battery is completely charged ► 15 useful hints and tips on how to enhance the life of your battery Do you need a more detailed output of your battery status? Can you view your favourite TV series with your remaining battery power? Are you able to read the minute battery status icon on the top of the...
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Visidon AppLock Plus 2.0.0

ScreenShot of Visidon AppLock Plus 2.0.0 by Visidon Fast, convenient and cool way to protect your mobile with face recognition. Protect any application (i.e. SMS, Gallery, E-Mail, Facebook, etc.) on your phone using face recognition. Convenient and cool way to increase safety of your private apps and content. Visidon AppLock Plus lets you choose the apps to be protected. Your face is a key to open them! Application uses the frontal camera of your mobile and verifies in real-time that the face matches the one allowed to access the private apps. By upgrading to Plus version you'll get: - No ads! - Pattern and PIN as alternative unlocking methods! - Haptic feedback for all alternative unlocking methods! - Experimental lockscreen feature (Read more important information about the lockscreen and some known issues from here:
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Sky Force 1.35

ScreenShot of Sky Force 1.35 by Infinite Dreams Legendary classic arcade shooter now available for Android! 3d interactive objects, outstanding graphics, special effects, soundtrack and 100% of pure gameplay. If you like this game please consider purchasing "Sky Force Reloaded". Recent changes: Compatibility fixes.
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SetCPU for Root Users 3.0.7

ScreenShot of SetCPU for Root Users 3.0.7 by 		 SetCPU for Root Users MichaelHuang Supercharge your Android device with SetCPU. A must-have tool for root users. SetCPU is a tool for changing the CPU settings on a rooted Android phone or tablet, including the Galaxy Nexus, HTC One series, Nexus S, Nexus One, Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy series, and most other devices. You're under control: SetCPU can improve your performance, save battery, or both! Automate SetCPU with profiles! SetCPU allows you to set up powerful profiles to change your settings under certain conditions, such as what app is running, when the phone is asleep or charging, when the battery level drops below a certain point, when the phone's temperature is too high, or during certain times of day. See the screenshots for examples of how you might set up profiles. SetCPU's wide feature set make ...
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LCD Density Modder Pro 2.2.0

ScreenShot of LCD Density Modder Pro 2.2.0 by BirdAPI Inc. ☆ Requires Root! ☆ Pro Benefits: - Fix market compatibility issues (permanently) - No ads - Support developer - Restore from backup, either full build.prop or dpi value only - Add, remove, import, and export your favorite dpi values - Pro only settings (hide warnings, etc) - Faster updates This program will modify your Android phone/tablet's LCD density in order to show more things on the screen. A lower DPI value means smaller text/icons, and more screen real estate! Gives the effect of having a higher lcd resolution. Works on Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0 ICS! ☆ This is the only LCD Density app that can fix the "This device is not supported" error message in the Android market when using an unsupported dpi! ☆ Change the density in the following ways: 1. Enter the exact dpi...
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ScreenShot of Apict by Olivier Payen Welcome back instant camera ! Apict lets you add the unique "instant camera" look to your photos. FEATURES: • take a new photo or select an existing one, • crop and rotate the photo to select the area to work on, • "Tag" the picture (add pencil handwritten text effect), • apply the unique instant camera effect, • save the result in high resolution, • share it on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr directly from the app Apict can also be launched directly from the Windows Phone built-in photo application, through the “extras” menu. More info & screenshots on Twitter: @apictapp Apict has no affiliation with Polaroid Corporation. **v2.7: Fixes Twitter authentication **V2.6: Faster processing, option to ...
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FaceFighter Gold 1.04

ScreenShot of FaceFighter Gold 1.04 by Appy Entertainment, Inc. FaceFighter is a memory and hardware intensive game. It is recommended for late model Android devices running Android 2.2 and above. If you are concerned about compatibility please download the free version of the game first. Please make sure you have twice the listed memory available as free space. If it has a face, you can fight it! Make photos into custom foes in seconds. Beat up your boss! Blacken eyes and knock out teeth with comical cartoon attacks. Punish your foe with crazy weapons like rubber chickens, then unleash finishing moves! FaceFighter Gold includes leaderboards, achievements, and social connectivity courtesy of OpenFeint! Recent changes: Improved compatibility with Device Cameras, especially on Droid class machines. The App should be more robust when importing photographs...
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Ocean Alive Video Wallpapers 1.0.3

ScreenShot of Ocean Alive Video Wallpapers 1.0.3 by Bonne App! Inspiring video wallpapers that won’t drain your battery or slow your device. Alive stops when another app is running or your device is idle, so it uses no more battery than a photo wallpaper. It automatically saves to the SD card to prevent memory problems. TO USE Connect to free and fast wifi > homescreen > long-press on empty area > live wallpapers > Alive Black screen? Try pressing Press 'set wallpaper' COMPATIBILITY & TIPS - Alive runs smoothly on 97% of Android devices - If a video doesn't load immediately and you are stuck with a black or 'loading live wallpaper' screen, try pressing 'set wallpaper' or restarting the device. - Having trouble with an individual video? Try deleting it and downloading it again. Having trouble after an update? Try clearing app data...
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